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MAESTRO = An artist with special skills

Maestro Media started off in a living room corner, as a baby of a college drop out passionate about designs and how Google works. Within the cause of 12 years, we have pushed ourselves to the extreme, and taking pride in our work has truly made us a leading online marketing agency in Africa.

With our understanding for travelling, and a clientele mostly consisting of the tourism and travel sector, we decided to look deep into providing unique solutions that would allow Africa tourism to excel. What started in a corner of a living room has now offered solutions to over 500 African companies.

We began as a full service website design and development company operating in Namibia. After a couple of years, we started doing projects for companies in Botswana, South Africa and Mozambique. Thanks to the referrals we got from our clients across the borders.

Due to our highly driven team of passionate designers, and programmers, we became reputable, and highly recommended over the years. For over a decade, we managed to help various companies reach their marketing goals, of which some depend 100% on the tools, and products that we have set up for their companies when it comes to new sales.

Dont hesitate to check out our clients page for some of the websites that we have developed over the years. A peek into our testimonials page will also give you an idea on the journey we have embarked on.